Float Spa in Kitsilano!

We’re excited to bring Vancouver the opportunity to be freed from constant over stimulation. The best way to describe the experience of a float tank(pod) is sensory freedom – something you truly need to try to in order to understand how it can enhance your life.

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About Flotation REST Therapy

Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy (REST) is a powerful stress relief and wellness tool, offering you an opportunity to decompress and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.


Metta³ offer’s Vancouver’s cleanest flotation facility with seven technologically advanced float tanks.


The Float Spa tanks are designed with an anti-bacterial acrylic shell that allows for expert cleaning. After each use, the water is drained from the tank and travels through 3 filters, while the inside of the tank is sanitized from top to bottom for a flawless clean experience, every time.  


Our tanks are top of the line and we pride ourselves on their unique technology. With optional built in audio, LED light therapy and an eggshell lid, you feel free and spacious with no pressure to completely enclose yourself.  You decide the level of sensory freedom you’d like to explore.  

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Enter into REST Today.

We’ve created this for you, and couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to our space. Are you ready to unplug?



Vancouver and People just like you are already loving float tanks!

  • Metta Rest Spa is amazing. I love the large float pods and the ambience of the place is so relaxing. Awesome staff! I highly recommend a visit to this place. They are the top rest spa around!!

    Jules Seaman
    Metta³ Guest
  • The best investment you can make for your mind, body and soul. The Metta Rest Spa experience is second to none.

    Jason Mackay
    Metta³ Guest
  • Been wanting to try sensory deprivation for a while and this place exceeded my expectations. Really professional staff that cater to your needs and create a really relaxing environment. I will definitely be going back. Flotation is perfect for me, a busy working professional, to clear my mind and be more focused to further excel in my work.

    Sabastian T
    Metta³ Guest


Beyond what we’ve already shared, we want everyone to take advantage of this wonderful tool. Some guests float to relax, meditate, relieve pain, and heal.  While others use it to problem solve, explore unconscious thoughts / feelings, or integrate super-learning. We’ve done countless sessions ourselves and have written extensively on our blog about all the different reasons. Check out our blog here or watch the video!

Get all this and more by floating with Metta Rest Spa Today.

True Body


Inside the tank, amplified circulation throughout your body leads to muscle relaxation and an overall reduction in natural cortisol production. You’ll discover increased visual acuity and other amplified senses due to the reduction in inbound information.



Only 25% of North American’s get the recommended amount of magnesium. A session in the float tank will correct that due to the high concentration of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) inside each of our units. This is great news as magnesium can regulate blood pressure, assist in detox and assists in prevention of other common cardiovascular diseases.

Brain State


Mental stimulation and activity is the norm in the western world. Yet monks dedicate their lives seeking stillness and control. Inside the tank you will have the opportunity to be completely undistracted, alone with your thoughts’.  With practice your brain will cycle through Alpha, Beta and ultimately to the Theta brainwave patterns. A very lucid and powerful place to be!



Float Tanks


Possibility for Exploration

When’s the last time your truly took time for yourself? Have you ever unplugged from the sensory world?

Now Is Your Chance

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