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A Space Built With Love

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Metta³ is the result of a deep desire to bring people to peace with themselves.  

Co-founder, Nicole Stratton, had her first float experience in 2013.  When she came out of the tank she had a clear vision to spread the profound therapy with as many people as possible.  

Three weeks later, with the help of Co-Founders, Kimberly and Christofer Pritchett, Metta³ Rest Spa incorporated and was well on its way to research and build out the loveliest Flotation Spa possible.

The idea was simple; to create a place to float, where guests don’t feel scared or overwhelmed but rather they feel invited, safe and excited to float effortlessly in a beautiful pod filled with salt water.  The spa ambiance and attention to detail was all in order to help people unwind and enter into rest.  

“We believe that proper rest is essential to personal growth and healing. In our efforts to create a loving, kind and safe haven, we truly hope that each and every guest can let go and reconnect inwards.” –Metta³ Rest Spa

picture of nicole stratton

Nicole Stratton

Nicole is the CEO & co-founder of Metta³ Rest Spa and adores anything to do with physical movement, connection, or expression. Her playful attitude and openness have led her to a lifelong path of exploring body, breath and consciousness.

People Metta³

  • Metta Rest Spa is amazing. I love the large float pods and the ambience of the place is so relaxing. Awesome staff! I highly recommend a visit to this place. They are the top rest spa around!!

    Jules Seaman
    Metta³ Guest
  • The best investment you can make for your mind, body and soul. The Metta Rest Spa experience is second to none.

    Jason Mackay
    Metta³ Guest
  • Been wanting to try sensory deprivation for a while and this place exceeded my expectations. Really professional staff that cater to your needs and create a really relaxing environment. I will definitely be going back. Flotation is perfect for me, a busy working professional, to clear my mind and be more focused to further excel in my work.

    Sabastian T
    Metta³ Guest