Our Float Tanks

Experience our Custom designed Float Pods

Our team searched near and far for the Premium Flotation REST manufacturer and after traveling to the “City of Spas” (Budapest, Hungary) we are proud to introduce Float SPA sensory deprivation tanks to the Western Hemisphere!

The leader in float tank technology, Float SPA has not only won awards for design, but also their patented sanitization process. Designed to induce maximum relaxation, this system provides unparalleled hygiene which is essential for our guest satisfaction. The water cleaning system is the outcome of years of development with the help of a team of experts.

collage of float units

Our Float Spa Pods have several unique features:

  • Thermo-Molded Antibacterial Acrylic shell
  • Pod Disinfection following each Session
  • Integrated Assistance Button
  • Lightweight lid allows for easy manual Open/Close Operation
  • 14in Base Height which allows for ease of entry
  • Integrated Handle Bars for Handicap Accessibility
  • Insulated Teflon Cables for Maintaining Temperature
  • RGB Light Therapy
  • Natural Aromatherapy
Water Movement

Float Spa’s objective was to create a hyper-efficient water cleaning and treatment system. Before and after every guest session, the total volume of water is cleaned twice using four different methods. If there is no rest session during the day, the Float SPA will automatically circulate and clean the water several times. The water regeneration process consists of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning methods, achieving a flawless result. The pod’s antibacterial material and the disinfection performed on the inner surface of the float pod after each session provides a clean, safe environment for the perfect sensory-controlled relaxation experience.

Long for your Own?

Custom Float Spa pods and rooms are available for purchase in a wide variety of exquisite finishes. Please email us for further inquiries. Quotes available upon request: [email protected]

picture of gold plated float pod
couple floating together
float pod with glowing bulbs on it