The leaves have started to change, the sun is setting earlier, and the air has a crispness to it that signals Fall has arrived.

The hustle and bustle of summer becomes a fond memory, as we slow down, breathe deep and take a moment to say thank you.

October is the month of Thanksgiving. A time of reflection not just for what we have, but also those who help create the safety and security we enjoy.

With meetings to attend, deadlines to reach, texts to answer, and social media to like, share and re-post… it is easy for us to take for granted the brave individuals in the background allowing our life to flow with peace of mind.

We know that if something serious or unfortunate happens, our Civil Servants will be the First Respondents, there to help Save the Day.

This comes at a price that they pay quietly with their daily sacrifices.

We know that Flotation REST aids in decreasing stress hormones, heightening mental clarity and improving performance. The additional benefit of improving quality of sleep is a very special bonus.

This season we at Metta³ Rest Spa are especially THANKFUL for our Firefighters, EMT, Police, and Military Personnel.

So we would like to be part of our First Respondent’s Maximum efficiency plan!

As our gesture of THANKS we are offering all of those who bravely choose to use their time helping, supporting, and saving others a 25% Discount off single Flotation REST or Sauna Sessions.