Welcoming. Luxurious. Relaxing. Pristine.

These are a few of the words that we felt adequately described what a flotation spa should be. Long before the boom, we knew there would be many places to go “floating”… but, we shared a unique vision.
A place of REST.

An exquisite urban oasis where guests could experience Sensory Freedom in the most technologically advanced pods in the world.

So we created Metta³ Rest Spa.

From the soothing spa music that echoes in the background, to the tranquil interior décor, to the Serenity tea served post therapy, you will find our attention to detail unmatched. However that meticulous eye was not only aesthetic but, clinical as well.

Our guests comfort and hygiene is of the utmost importance to us.

This is why we traveled the world from Vancouver to Arizona, Virginia to Oregon, and ultimately to The City of Spas (Budapest, Hungary) searching for the very best, and we found exactly what we were looking for!

Float Spa pods not only have a patented triple-step water regeneration system, and an Antimicrobial Acrylic shell, but also offer us the unique advantage of being the only pods to drain completely after every client session. This allows us to disinfect the interior surface of the pod, assuring a clean, safe environment for You.

If you have any hesitation about sensory deprivation, we created our space with you in mind.
From the minute you step through our doors, to the anticipated moment you dip your toe in warm soothing waters, our desire is to provide you with the most serene, beautiful, sanitary atmosphere for rejuvenation.

We hope we answer all your questions and assuage any fears. But most important, We hope that we help you Enter Into Rest.

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