At Metta³ Rest Spa, we’re bringing you real stories of how Repeated REST contributes to the lives of our guests. This week we spoke with Russell Robertson, a warrant officer who has spent over 25 years serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.
He has been one of our spa’s first clients, and continues to float with us once every two weeks as one part of our Metta member community.

Below are our questions and answers from our discussion with Russell.

Metta³:Russell, you have made REST a part of your life for some time now. What is the biggest benefit you receive?

Russell:The best part of regular REST, is that it allows me to objectively process my thoughts and feelings.

Metta³:Have you found Flotation Rest helps you with stress management? If so, how would you explain it?

Russell:Definitely. It gives my mind the space to objective process my thoughts and past trauma. This clarity assist me in focusing on upcoming decision making and creative problem solving.

Metta³:How do you feel after your time in our float pods?

Russell:After a float I feel calm, refreshed and most importantly, refocused.

Metta³:What is your favorite aspect of our space here in Kitsilano?

Russell:The staff. They are always respectful which really sets the tone for a fantastic float. I couldn’t

imagine a better space for floating. Especially for first timers!

Metta³:What final thoughts would you share with people who have only floated once or never at all?

Russell:Ultimately, flotation has helped me optimize my own personal performance. It’s difficult to comprehend the peace I found in a space without distraction. Real silence allows me to calm my mind and see my “problems” for what they are roadblocks that I have the power to overcome.

Thankyou³ Russell for taking the time to speak with us. It is important for us to learn more, from each other, as we explore this new therapy, and find how we can truly be our best by Entering into Rest.

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