Enhance Your Life Through Flotation REST
Enhance your life with REST: Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique. Basically, REST is a state of sensory isolation that helps you renew your sense of self and well-being. The design of the float pod and the science behind the floating experience minimizes external stimuli in your environment, providing you with an unparalleled state of self-awareness, focus and relaxation.

Who is floating for? Floating provides rest and relief for just about everyone.

  • Athletes. After a day with the weights, the feeling of weightlessness you get with floating can help you reduce pain, improve performance and reduce recovery time.
  • Students. Take the time to relax after a big test or give yourself alone time to enhance your memory, creativity and problem solving.
  • Civil Servants. Decompress after a day on the front lines, reinvigorate yourself, and cultivate that positive spirit that called you into a career of service.
  • Couples. Connect with each other with a couples float or take some time to reconnect with yourself. The date night or downtime can be a healthy addition to your relationship.
  • Families.  Whether recovering from gymnastics or giving mom the opportunity to take a break, floating can help refresh and reconnect a family.  It is especially helpful for expecting/ new mothers!

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The Science Behind the Floating Experience

Research has demonstrated that there are many benefits that REST and floating provide:

Relaxation Response

Have you ever wished to escape the hustle and bustle of modern living, just for a moment? Floating provides that opportunity to decompress, providing a calm and safe setting to get away from it all. Because the float pod eliminates disturbance from the external environment, it gives you time alone and encourages a strong relaxation response. You will find yourself resting comfortably with a feeling of weightlessness and being more attentive to your own breathing. You might even start using visualization techniques or mantras. Many people become so relaxed that they fall into a deep and refreshing sleep.

The relaxation response also has another helpful effect. It decreases harmful stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline as it increases beneficial chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. Your muscles and nervous system relax, and blood pressure decreases. The weariness of stress transforms into increased levels of performance, memory, intelligence, and well-being.

Healing and Recovery

Reducing stress isn’t just reinvigorating, it’s good for your physical health. The reduction of stress hormones and increase in dopamine and endorphins can help to reduce pain levels. The floating process also provides an anti-gravity effect that provides a feeling of weightlessness, helps circulation, and relieves pressure on muscles and joints as you are suspended in water enriched by hundreds of pounds of Epsom salts. REST has helped individuals with occupational health issues like fatigue, burnout and gastric issues, as well as chronic conditions like headaches, rheumatic pain, premenstrual pain, fibromyalgia and whiplash. Athletes can use floating as a recovery practice after training and competitive activity to reduce lactic acid, stimulate muscle growth and minimize pain.


If there is an express lane to zen, floating is it. The experience of sensory isolation in a float pod has been shown to promote altered states of consciousness. For example, while floating, people may process visual imagery, hear music or sounds, or enhance their ability to realize creative ideas and innovations. The reason for this is a shift in brainwave activity from beta brainwave that process the sensory environment to a theta state that arises when busy thoughts begin to dissipate. What results is greater clarity and insight as you contemplate pressing problems.


In REST, the central focus is the inner you. There’s no light, no sound, no physical feelings. You enter a state of mind that welcomes – even facilitates – meditation practice. By rapidly giving you the ability to be more present and mindful, you are able to gain increased awareness and control over your mind and body. Some people have achieved transpersonal experiences, where they feel a stronger relationship and positive connection between their own self and the world.

That’s a lot of science, spirituality and personal improvement that can be attained in an hour of floating. But studies show that its advantages don’t end when you step out of the pod. The effects of float therapy can be felt weeks and months afterward. Regular sessions can further enhance your quality of life and the positive changes that REST provides. Regardless of your age, your health, or your hobbies, REST provides an occasional escape – with lasting benefits.

With this post, we’re just skimming the surface when it comes to the many ways that REST can enhance your life and integrate with your lifestyle. Watch this space for more valuable information about how flotation therapy works and what it can do to improve your health and well-being. Do you have questions or comments? Send us an email or float with us on Facebook. But the best way to experience the gift of REST is to jump right in, so call us at 604-235-2529 or book online today!