Harvard University recently completed a 75-year study on what major factors makes people the healthiest, happiest, and most deeply fulfilled.

Their single, overarching finding from 75 years of research? Ultimately, the highest leverage thing that we can do is focus on the strength of our relationships.

Whether you’re currently in an intimate relationship or soon hope to be in one, you can tuck these tips into your back pocket in order to strengthen it.

You can do the following date ideas for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or just a regular old Tuesday. Enjoy!

  1. Synchronized forehead breathing and extended eye contact

This is a two part-er… and it lays a beautiful ground work of intimacy and connection that you can either carry out as a stand alone date, or you can do it as a warm-up/precursor to any of the following four date ideas.

To begin, in any position you like, you gently bring your forehead to your partner’s, touch your ‘third eye’ points together, and start breathing in sync with each other. Do a minimum of seven synchronized breaths, and feel free to go for anywhere from 1-30 minutes.

It’s often best to do this exercise seated across from each other with your knees touching or lying down on a bed together. You can stand if you need to, but it’s best to have your body in a more relaxed position (sitting, lying down, kneeling, etc.).

You’ll notice a deep sense of calm wash over you the longer that you and your partner sync up your breathing.

After you’ve done the forehead breathing portion of the exercise, physically disconnect and sit comfortably, facing each other. Your knees can be touching or disconnected, whichever feels more comfortable.

Now, with soft, loving eyes, you will begin making extended eye contact for a period of 5-6 minutes. Yes, you can blink. No, you can’t talk. Yes, you can use a digital timer to keep track of the minutes for you if you wish.

For people who have never done extended eye contact (sometimes referred to as soul gazing) it can bring up a feeling of discomfort or social tension the first time that you do it. This is totally normal. But your mind and body can only stay in an anxious state for so long. I promise you that if you stick with it through the first two minutes, it will start to feel deeply relaxing by the end of the exercise.

Do these two exercises, one after the other, and your mind, body, and heart will drop into a parasympathetic (calm/healing state) faster than you ever thought possible. Plus, you will feel that much more connected to your partner.

Benefits: calm, connection

  1. Pottery class

This next date idea might bring out your inner child, since it combines creativity with messiness (reminiscent of your childhood finger painting days).

Sign you and your partner up for a local pottery class and have fun digging into the clay muck.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up with your new favourite fruit bowl and appetizer serving plate (that you can then brag to your friends that you made them).

Benefits: creativity, a feeling of newness

  1. Take a massage class together

World renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins once stated that we are the most deeply fulfilled when we are either giving or growing. This date idea gives you the best of both worlds!

Pick up a brand new skill while learning how to become more adept at pleasing your partner by signing up for a massage class together.

Whether you take an introductory class in Thai massage, deep tissue massage, or just a general relaxation massage style is entirely up to you.

After the class is finished, you can even put a weekly reminder in your calendar to take turns practicing your newfound abilities on each other at time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Benefits: calm, connection, growth

  1. Yoga class

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s so easy to forget that we are not human doings, but human beings.

One of the most effective ways to slow down and reconnect to yourself and your body is to make a date with your partner to take a yoga class together.

Some of the best yoga styles for slowness and relaxation are yin yoga and restorative yoga.

And if you’ve never done yoga before, never fear! These two yoga styles are less workout and more slow, structured naps where you change positions a handful of times throughout the hour.

Benefits: self-reflection, inner peace

  1. Floating together

Whereas the previous four dates each have a few major benefits to them, this one encapsulates all of these benefits and then some.

Extensive research has gone into the health benefits of float tanks, and the benefits are all things that also improve intimate relationships.

Achieve a deep inner sense of calm, lower anxiety, self-reflect, boost your creativity, and heal your mind and body on a deep subconscious level by stepping into a float tank.

That argument that you had with your partner a few days ago about something that seemed oh so important at the time? You’ll realize just how unnecessary the fight was in your float session.

Has there been something at work that has been making you feel stressed and distracted? The answer will come to you during your float and you’ll immediately feel the stress melt away from your body.

Have you been feeling disconnected from your body and it’s been impacting your sex life as of late? Just the act of stepping into the water to begin your float will remind you that you are not a brain… or a head walking through life and reducing results and striving and achieving, but a full, luxurious being that is a mind, body, heart, and so much more.

Have a float, drink some tea, and embrace your significant other afterwards to share of all of the amazing insights that you had during your session. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know about all of the high level epiphanies that you had while floating. Witness the deep sense of calm and stillness in their eyes.

Yes, float tank sessions really are one of the highest leverage date ideas that you can engage in… to reconnect with yourself and with your partner.

Benefits: calm, connection, decreased anxiety, self-reflection, creativity, deep rest, subconscious level healing

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