“Happiness is homemade.”

I came across this saying earlier this week and it struck hard, like a good spank on the toosh.

Yes, happiness is an inside job. Yes, my individual level of happiness is going to influence my relationships. And YES, happiness is better when shared!

All of these thoughts were (and still are) flooding my mind. When I cultivate my own happiness it automatically impacts those I am closest with. Especially the relationship with mi amor, Francarlos (as pictured above- isn’t he handsome!?).

With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner I figured it is the perfect time to share why Francarlos and I adore our weekly float dates…

1. They help us vibe on the same frequency

We both run our own businesses. Our schedules are very different. Some mornings he’s blaring music, getting ready to do an intense workout with a client, while I’m over here, writing posts about how to encourage people to get quiet and do less…

We’re both pretty much always on the go. Which is why I ensure we go do nothing, together, at least once a week. Regardless of how crazy our week is, we always come out of the float pods on the same page. All of those “life” details seem less important and our present experience of being with one another gets emphasized.

2. Deeper connection

With greater present moment awareness we’re able to truly see one another again. Not our images, our projects, or our responsibilities… But, just who we are, here and now. That soul connection which drew us together in the first place.

For me, it’s a feeling. One that is not easily described by words. It almost feels as though we are embracing in a hug, even though we’re sitting across from one another. We are both present to it’s non-tangible existence. With this awareness, it strengthens and deepens.



3. Fluidity in our communication

All of a sudden my ‘always has to be right’ side is eliminated and I’m actually able to just sit and listen to Francarlos’ thoughts and opinions without judgement. My need to respond and challenge ideas decreases and my curiosity to learn more and listen how his beautiful brain works increases.

You wouldn’t believe how much space this creates for truth and receptivity. Our communication typically goes to another level after our float dates… That or we’re both quietly content, enjoying the existence of numbers 1 & 2. 😊

4. Relaxation as medicine

float-massage-comboI preach it all the time but even still, every single time I experience it I remember why I opened Metta Rest Spa. It is my medicine, my saving grace. No matter what crap sandwich life is currently serving, when we practice mindful relaxation a peaceful certainty that none of it really matters settles in. Any sickness or injury loses it’s power over controlling our emotional state. All those problems and challenges become blessings in disguise. Our perspective can rotate and we’re able to realize that simply being alive is a miracle!




Ultimately, we love floating at the same time. We understand that we’re both individually responsible for our own happiness, however, using tools like float dates, couples massage, or even a good workout together can elevate our happiness as a couple. Something we wish for everyone and a practice we invite everyone to embrace.

Would you like to experience your own float date? I want you to, too!!

Check out our amazing Valentines Day Special – two floats for the price of one. You can float with your bestie, your lover or maybe you just need two floats all to yourself this week. Call now at 604-235-2529 to lock it in, as it’s only on the table from February 7th through the 14th.

Our default state is happiness. Let’s simplify and remember that this Valentine’s Day, shall we?

All my love,
Nicole xx