Just about every boy, at least for a moment, grows up wanting to become an astronaut. He dreams about exploring the deepest frontiers with a freeing feeling of wonder and weightlessness, suspended in space and time as the world passes by… but then he finds himself firmly grounded in the daily grind of work and family life, which is infinitely rewarding but galaxies away from his childhood imagination, which he’s convinced is still in there somewhere underneath the piles of meetings, spreadsheets and weekend projects that consume his every thought.

Metta3 Rest Spa can unlock that dream and rejuvenate the youthful spirit of any man. With his first session in a sensory deprivation tank, he will not only experience a feeling of weightlessness like free-floating in outer space, but just might find old aches beginning to heal and new sparks of creativity starting to form.

It’s Therapy Based on Science

While float pods can look eerily out of science fiction, their effectiveness is firmly rooted in fact. Scientific research shows deep relaxation, heightened states of awareness and pain relief are typical of the float experience. Hundreds of pounds of magnesium-rich Epsom salts, carefully controlled water temperatures to match that of the human body, and an environment of extreme darkness and solitude create a combination of factors that work together to be restorative for the mind and body.

Think of it this way… a good workout boosts cardio, takes his systems to the limits and literally pushes muscle development to its breaking point, keeping his body operating at its peak levels of performance. And at work, he may be thinking and problem solving at maximum overdrive to keep business moving forward and his boss and clients satisfied. Floating provides a physical and cognitive recovery period that’s just as aggressive – and just as necessary for good health and well-being. It’s a forced shutdown that enables his body to defy gravity so the skeleto-muscular system can relax and reset, and provides the mind with a calming environment so devoid of stimulation that he can reach intense levels of focus and consciousness. That chronic headache may just wash away, revealing new ideas. A solution for dealing with the kids at home may come to mind – and seem so simple to achieve once the stressful emotions that were built up have been swept out of the way.

Is that Person You?

Are you that child, and father, and husband that has worked hard for yourself and your family, and is in need of a quick getaway to wind down on your day or catch up with some rest? By booking a session at Metta3 Rest Spa, you might walk in with your head buried in the day-to-day, but you’ll walk out feeling simply out of this world. It’s quick and easy to schedule an online appointment, and while we can’t train you to be an astronaut, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed after you’ve discovered the amazing experience of floating for yourself. For a little while, you’ll find yourself in your own orbit… and isn’t that just exactly what you need?