Today we chose to pause and reflect on life. In the past year, we’ve taken on a lot of big things, experienced pitfalls, successes and met some wonderful people along the way. Sometimes life moves so fast and we’re so focused on growth that we forget to be present with how lucky we really are. Today we chose to explore and get present to what we have to appreciate.

Here’s to you

We are grateful for so much and it all starts with you. Our guests, friends and loved ones are the genesis of where we are today. We’ve been in business for a year now and continue to thrive in bringing this new practice to the world. The people that have come into our lives as a result of this industry continues to astound us – we really do love all of you and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You support us in pursuing our dreams and in turn we get to hear about all the wonderful and great things you are up to in the world. All on a quest to enhance your lives and really bring something beautiful to the world. Thank you for being you.


Here’s to you

During our moment of silence today, we were very present to the sacrifice so many made to give us the opportunity to live the lives we have today. The men, women and families who have served Canada, and to those who have given their lives in service to our country – we thank you for your commitment, dedication and sacrifice. Something else happened in that moment of silence though – on the other side of that poignancy that goes with Remembrance Day we found ourselves experiencing deep gratitude for the men and women who we encounter everyday in our Spa. Together we create a sense of community as our lives touch and we share brief moments of each other’s days.


Be present

Bringing mindfulness to today was a gift. A powerful practice to integrate into your life at any moment, especially in the a float tank! In your moment of silence this morning, what did you find yourself thinking about? Share with us in the comment box below or on our Facebook page.