A year has gone by and we are overflowing with gratitude for the opportunity to share flotation REST with the city we love.

What was once just a vision has become a reality!  We started this journey because of an intense pull inside of our hearts.  Floating changed our lives in a profound way and we knew that we had to share it with as many other people as we possibly could.

Loving-kindness is our name and our game – we’ve built our entire company from a desire to bring peace to a chaotic society.

Anniversaries are moments to celebrate and reflect.
It’s the reflecting that really allows us to see where we have been and brings perspective to where we are going.

In our library we have provided a journal for those who would like to express their inspirations.

We’d like to share one that really touched us this year.post flotation feedback from a guest
Upon reflection we’ve realized that we truly are living our dreams.  The ability to help all others, let alone those withPTSD, is an absolute honor.

It is our intention to continue reaching those who need us most and to do so with loving-kindness.  Helping busy Vancouverites slow down and Enter Into Rest.

To those who have shared in this incredible year, from the bottom of our hearts, we say thankyou³.