It is an exciting time to be part of this industry! From Joe Rogan’s first mention on his podcasts, to Oprah’s endorsement  in February’s Edition of O last year. The buzz has continued to spread and more people are discovering and sharing  the benefits of this profound therapy than ever before. Only a few days ago The New York Times became the most recent to investigate: Climb In, Tune In: A Renaissance for Sensory Deprivation Tanks

There was a common theme in this article however, that caused us pause. So we decided to share our thoughts with the journalist:

Dear Julie,

First and foremost we pledge our gratitude.

Thank you for reporting to the public about the healing and recuperative properties of this state of the art tool, for taking time to highlight the pioneers, as well as speaking to the mavericks of our industry. The feature you wrote will expose more readers to the benefits of regular floating and the powerful impact it is having on those who have made it part of their practice!

As one of the world’s leading publications with more digital subscribers than any other news organization, we felt compelled to respond to your piece. We want you to know that all locations offering flotation share the same therapy, however, we are not all cut from the same cloth.

Two years ago, we encountered flotation REST for the first time and shared similar sentiments as many mentioned in your review. Shortly thereafter we were attending the Float Conference in Portland and within a few months were the proud owners of Metta³ Rest Spa. It’s been an exciting journey as the industry continues to grow, evidenced by the Float Conference at least doubling in size year over year. We were proud to be among the 500 enthusiasts in Portland this year whose lives have been enhanced by “the practice of floating” or what medical researchers termed Flotation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy).
We recognized early on that our industry would need unparalleled standards for cleanliness and even though regulations didn’t require it – we’ve ensured cleanliness was at the forefront of all of our decisions while building Metta³ Rest Spa. The biggest outcome of that was the selection of our state of the art float tanks. Our doors are open to the critics complaining of “musty smelling coffins”. Before and after each session, the entire tank is drained and the water cleaned twice using four different filtration methods. In addition to the tank itself being disinfected manually by our staff.  You will find NO coffins or tanks here:

Instead of cramped spaces our spa suites feature spacious pods that are ergonomically designed with you in mind for easy entry, and include upgrades like aromatherapy in addition to an award winning patented sanitation filtration. There are no olfactory reminders of smelly socks or a gym in our halls, however we do offer a Far-Infrared Sauna, Yoga Sanctuary and private lockers stuffed with plush robes just for you.

Senses are enhanced not deprived in this environment.

We invite you to experience the difference of Sensory Freedom.

We invite you to Enter into REST.

Warm Regards,

Metta³ Rest Spa