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I think there is a common misconception that every single float will be relaxing and blissful. For me, this is not the truth. The float tank is my main tool for personal realizations, healing and growth. Sometimes to grow, the weeds need to be pulled. The naked, blatant truth is that when you’re lying in a pod all by yourself for an hour, shit will come up. It’s inevitable and it’s necessary.

My first several floats were quite euphoric and resulted in a deep peace and calm.  After several floats, things started to get interesting. So interesting that I wanted to avoid getting in the pod just because of the issues that were presenting themselves. I knew it was necessary to look beyond the surface in order to truly feel peace, so I kept getting back into the pod. I began to face the deeply buried issues, most of which I had no recollection of ever happening. Initially it was all the bad, mean things I did as a little girl. There was one float in particular that stood out to me which I would like to share…

My childhood revolved around horses and rodeo. I treated my horse, Cactus, like a king. He taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Together we accomplished many wins and as the competition grew steeper we had to increase our skills. One skill involving an event called goat tying needed the most work. I acquired a goat, named him Billy (of course), and used him for practice. About a year ago I had a very memorable float where I saw Billy’s little face for the first time in over a decade. I never realized how much guilt I held for being cruel and unfair to Billy back in my rodeo days. I had completely forgotten I ever had him.
He appeared in my mind’s eye clear as day and a well of emotions started to turn up. I was able to see his eyes and recognize his innocence. At the time I had him, about 12 years old, I never even considered him as a living being. All he was for was tying practice. I would grab him flip him and see how fast I could tie his legs. It was a sport. That isn’t the only reason I had suppressed his memory. But more so it was because of the way I had disrespected him. I never treated him how I treated my horses or dogs. I was never loving or sweet to this animal. I did not care about his happiness and I was mean to him. In seeing his face and remembering all the ways I mistreated him, I realized I had suppressed this memory because of the guilt I held. It was time to release and forgive my inner child. I pictured him clearly and emitted as much love as possible directly to his heart. I apologized from the core of my being for how I had treated him. This process created an immense amount of compassion for the little girl who did not think that her behaviour mattered. I forgave myself.  My whole body slipped into the deepest state of relaxation I had ever felt while being in the float pod. My heart felt light and peaceful.

That’s just one example of the childhood things that have come up. There have been many occasions of hidden childhood memories re-appearing and in turn, releasing.  Nowadays I am learning that I’ve uncovered a lot of my past subconscious. However, the current delusions of my reality are what come up during my weekly float practice. It has become much easier to face my truth and let go, slipping into a place of blissful peace.

I’m constantly learning that in order to reach the core of who we are, the one that doesn’t react to any circumstance, it takes practice. We have to spend time alone. It’s necessary to go through all the events that have distorted our reality. Even the ones we’ve forgotten.  Sometimes it hurts so bad all we can do is go to sleep. But during the next float practice a piece of it will be opened already. We have to continue going back into silent darkness and be completely undistracted to find the weeds and pull them.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin


Are you ready to face your inner monsters?  Book today.

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Cleanliness is Next To Peacefulness Sat, 06 Aug 2016 08:52:10 +0000 Welcoming. Luxurious. Relaxing. Pristine. These are a few of the words that we felt adequately described what a flotation spa should...

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Welcoming. Luxurious. Relaxing. Pristine.

These are a few of the words that we felt adequately described what a flotation spa should be. Long before the boom, we knew there would be many places to go “floating”… but, we shared a unique vision.
A place of REST.

An exquisite urban oasis where guests could experience Sensory Freedom in the most technologically advanced pods in the world.

So we created Metta³ Rest Spa.

From the soothing spa music that echoes in the background, to the tranquil interior décor, to the Serenity tea served post therapy, you will find our attention to detail unmatched. However that meticulous eye was not only aesthetic but, clinical as well.

Our guests comfort and hygiene is of the utmost importance to us.

This is why we traveled the world from Vancouver to Arizona, Virginia to Oregon, and ultimately to The City of Spas (Budapest, Hungary) searching for the very best, and we found exactly what we were looking for!

Float Spa pods not only have a patented triple-step water regeneration system, and an Antimicrobial Acrylic shell, but also offer us the unique advantage of being the only pods to drain completely after every client session. This allows us to disinfect the interior surface of the pod, assuring a clean, safe environment for You.

If you have any hesitation about sensory deprivation, we created our space with you in mind.
From the minute you step through our doors, to the anticipated moment you dip your toe in warm soothing waters, our desire is to provide you with the most serene, beautiful, sanitary atmosphere for rejuvenation.

We hope we answer all your questions and assuage any fears. But most important, We hope that we help you Enter Into Rest.

Click to learn more about Float Spa pods and reserve your next float here.

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Flotation Therapy & Stress Wed, 29 Jun 2016 09:39:57 +0000 Stress is such a destructive force in each of our lives. Everyone, at one point or another, has experienced stress. Everybody...

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Stress is such a destructive force in each of our lives. Everyone, at one point or another, has experienced stress. Everybody has demands in their lives and we each respond differently to those demands. How we individually respond to these demands determines our stress level.

Life is messy- and stressy! Sometimes it lingers around longer than it should. Stress can even originate inside of ourselves! With all the different types and causes of stress, understanding stress is a crucial part of stress management.

Managing stress levels allows us to hit the reset button. Waiting until your body signals that your stress levels are too high is dangerous and unhealthy. It’s important that we prioritize recognizing stress as we experience it and deal with it effectively.

Remember, stress is just the body’s reaction to any change that requires some sort of response. This can manifest in any number of ways, including:

  • Musculoskeletal System

When the body experiences stress, your muscles tense up. This muscle tension is almost a reflexive reaction to stress- your body’s defense against injury and pain.

However, with chronic stress, the body is in a constant state of guardedness. Muscles being taut and tense for extended periods of time can trigger other stress responses– even promoting stress-related disorders.

Relaxation techniques have shown to be effective in reducing muscle tension, decreasing the presence of some stress-related disorders, and increase a sense of well-being.

  • Respiratory System

Stress has an effect on your breathing, causing you to breathe harder. Acute stress (like the sudden death of a loved one) can trigger asthma attacks. Stress can also cause some to hyper-ventilate– a trigger for panic attacks for those who are susceptible to them.

  • Cardiovascular

Both your heart and your blood vessels compromise the parts of the cardiovascular system that function together to provide nourishment and oxygen to your vital organs. This is also a large part in how the human body responds to stress. Acute stress (or short term stress) like meeting deadlines at work or slamming on your brakes in traffic causes an increase in heart rate with stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol serving as the messengers to the other parts of the body. Additionally, your blood vessels dilate, elevating your blood pressure– known as the fight or flight response.

Chronic stress– constant stress over a prolonged period of time– contributes to long-term problems for your cardiovascular system; leading to hypertension, heart attack, or stroke.

Repeated exposure to acute stress and persistent chronic stress can also contribute to inflammation in your circulatory system– specifically, the coronary arteries. This is what ties stress levels to a heart attack. Research shows that a person’s response to stress can also affect their cholesterol levels.

With how stress affects the body and mind, it’s important for you to take measures to manage stress in a healthy way. One of the many relaxation methods to alleviate symptoms of stress is ‘floating,’ or, spending an hour in deep relaxation in one of our float tanks. Each float session is unique and no two floats are ever the same.

The deep relaxation state that you can achieve with every float allows your body to recover from stress. A float tank provides a weightless environment that, when combined with pitch-darkness and silence, induces sensory reduction– allowing your mind and body to completely unplug. This was backed up by a 2001 study in the Journal of the Canadian Pain Society, which found that sessions in a float tank is an effective way to reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, increasing optimism.

Floating is a Form of Meditation

A float session is considered Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) that enhances point-to-point relaxation in your body. The water in the tank is heated to just below body temperature (93.53 degrees fahrenheit), which creates a comforting space to reach a level of relaxation typically only achievable as you fall asleep or wake up.

Float Sessions Reduce Cortisol Levels

The REST  experienced in a float session helps decrease your cortisol levels. Cortisol has severe implications on numerous bodily functions– altering immune system response, suppressing functions in the digestive tract, the reproductive system, and growth responses.

The over-exposure to cortisol that chronic stress presents can manifest in a number of ways– specifically, anxiety, depression, heart disease, memory and concentration impairment and more.

Floating regularly can reduce cortisol levels and decrease blood pressure and also improve overall mood. If you’re feeling the stress of everyday life in your body– try us out! Schedule a float today.

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The Bearable Lightness Of Being: A Getaway For Every Mom Wed, 15 Jun 2016 09:37:37 +0000 It’s one of those days. Your cell phone won’t stop ringing, your boss needs those slides for a presentation tomorrow, you...

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It’s one of those days. Your cell phone won’t stop ringing, your boss needs those slides for a presentation tomorrow, you need to take two kids to soccer practice – at two different fields 20 minutes apart, and you’re still feeling the ache where you rolled your ankle in the early morning cardio class. It’s the mom’s life. And while you know you’d never give it up for anything, wouldn’t it be nice to get away for just a little while to refresh and rejuvenate?

At Metta3 Rest Spa, you can lift the weight from your shoulders and leave the world behind with a relaxing float session in one of our float pods, also known as a sensory deprivation tank. There’s so much stimulation and expectation in today’s world that it’s no wonder you are stressed – its practically built into our day. So imagine yourself as the beautiful Cleopatra floating peacefully on the surface of the Dead Sea, soothing sore muscles, moisturizing and exfoliating your skin, and resting worry-free. It’s like the spa, therapy and doctor, all in one appointment. Yes, you’ve just found your own mom cave – a retreat where you’ll feel pampered, calm and free.

A Perfect Haven for the Mom-to-Be

The float experience is ideal for pregnant women, especially during the first two trimesters. The heavy Epsom salt content provides a feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to escape that added stress and pressure being placed on your body, and helping to relieve any aches and pains you might be feeling. Additionally, the salts, which are rich in magnesium, are absorbed into your skin, providing a much-needed supplement for you and your baby. And after the aches drain away and it’s just you and your unborn baby resting comfortably together, it’s quite possible that you’ll experience a deepened focus on and connection with your child. It’s quiet, reflective time that you will cherish.

New Moms, Floating is Made for You

As the mother of an infant, you’re in luck. Sensory deprivation is an effective antidote for that sleep deprivation you’ll likely experienced over the last days and months. We know how tough it is to function without a full night’s rest, but some time in the float pod will provide you with some time to catch up and perk up. An hour of relaxation in a float pod offers the benefit of several hours of deep sleep. If you’re suffering from post-partum depression, you’ll also appreciate the calming state of consciousness that allows you to reconnect with your inner self and enhance your emotional health.

Metta3 Rest Spa: Something for Every Mom

Whether preparing for the birthing experience or recovering from the frenzy of a child’s birthday party, depend on Metta3 Rest Spa to help you settle down and rest up. So feel the healthful benefits of a float by booking your session today. Online scheduling is easy and convenient, and we’re confident that you’ll leave Metta3 Rest Spa with a more positive outlook and be better prepared than ever to take on another day with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

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Getting into the Zone through Floating Wed, 01 Jun 2016 09:35:49 +0000 Just about every boy, at least for a moment, grows up wanting to become an astronaut. He dreams about exploring the...

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Just about every boy, at least for a moment, grows up wanting to become an astronaut. He dreams about exploring the deepest frontiers with a freeing feeling of wonder and weightlessness, suspended in space and time as the world passes by… but then he finds himself firmly grounded in the daily grind of work and family life, which is infinitely rewarding but galaxies away from his childhood imagination, which he’s convinced is still in there somewhere underneath the piles of meetings, spreadsheets and weekend projects that consume his every thought.

Metta3 Rest Spa can unlock that dream and rejuvenate the youthful spirit of any man. With his first session in a sensory deprivation tank, he will not only experience a feeling of weightlessness like free-floating in outer space, but just might find old aches beginning to heal and new sparks of creativity starting to form.

It’s Therapy Based on Science

While float pods can look eerily out of science fiction, their effectiveness is firmly rooted in fact. Scientific research shows deep relaxation, heightened states of awareness and pain relief are typical of the float experience. Hundreds of pounds of magnesium-rich Epsom salts, carefully controlled water temperatures to match that of the human body, and an environment of extreme darkness and solitude create a combination of factors that work together to be restorative for the mind and body.

Think of it this way… a good workout boosts cardio, takes his systems to the limits and literally pushes muscle development to its breaking point, keeping his body operating at its peak levels of performance. And at work, he may be thinking and problem solving at maximum overdrive to keep business moving forward and his boss and clients satisfied. Floating provides a physical and cognitive recovery period that’s just as aggressive – and just as necessary for good health and well-being. It’s a forced shutdown that enables his body to defy gravity so the skeleto-muscular system can relax and reset, and provides the mind with a calming environment so devoid of stimulation that he can reach intense levels of focus and consciousness. That chronic headache may just wash away, revealing new ideas. A solution for dealing with the kids at home may come to mind – and seem so simple to achieve once the stressful emotions that were built up have been swept out of the way.

Is that Person You?

Are you that child, and father, and husband that has worked hard for yourself and your family, and is in need of a quick getaway to wind down on your day or catch up with some rest? By booking a session at Metta3 Rest Spa, you might walk in with your head buried in the day-to-day, but you’ll walk out feeling simply out of this world. It’s quick and easy to schedule an online appointment, and while we can’t train you to be an astronaut, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed after you’ve discovered the amazing experience of floating for yourself. For a little while, you’ll find yourself in your own orbit… and isn’t that just exactly what you need?

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TAKING A MOMENT TO UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP Fri, 13 May 2016 09:34:43 +0000 When you are with another person in a relationship, are you really with them? It’s easy to spend time with the...


When you are with another person in a relationship, are you really with them? It’s easy to spend time with the people you love, but much more difficult to commit yourself to a strong and resilient connection. Achieving that stage in your relationship can be an amazing and empowering step for both of you. Getting there can be a challenge – a healthy and worthwhile one.

Connection means eliminating the disconnects

A common mistake for someone evaluating their relationship is to look at the faults of another person. To be sure, everyone has issues and idiosyncrasies, but it’s helpful to take another look at the situation from this perspective: being disconnected from your partner may suggest a disconnect within yourself. Do your expectations of others reflect your expectations – achievable or not – of yourself? Do your own feelings get in the way of seeing others for their own unique specialness?

Your relationships start with you. So your awareness of yourself is a valuable tool to maintain and sustain great relationships. Many people call this “being present.”

Presence is a gift to yourself – and to others

Being present enables you to be in attendance – to be fully immersed and living in the moment. You are not considering the events of the past, or the anxieties of the future but rather focusing on your next breath and on the object of your immediate attention. If that sounds strange, think of it this way – your day is full of “brain noise.” Things you have to accomplish at work, things you could have done better at work, obligations you have to yourself and others, politics, social media and those aches and pains from the gym. When you really think about it, these things are really quite unimportant, and they are certainly very temporary. By keeping your attention on the moment – on what exists in front of you – you can learn laser-like focus and eliminate extraneous information. Imagine seeing your partner as they are, not as they were yesterday nor how you want them to be in the future. In essence, you are reigniting that original spark, that first moment that you found yourself mesmerized by another. There was no yesterday when you first met, and who was even thinking about tomorrow? You were firmly in attendance. See, it’s possible! You’ve likely already experienced it.

Capturing the moment

So how do you establish that same sense of presence again? Here’s some tips for you to try right now…

  1. Observe. In fencing, the only thing important to the fencer is the tip of the sword. There is a unification of mind and body that is responding to where that tiny point is in time and space. Take some time to sit back and watch the moment as if you are the spectator. Be still while the action occurs around you. You may find the peacefulness refreshing and restive.
  2. Breathe. Part of being present is recognizing the miracle and joy of life. What can be more joyful than becoming aware of something as tiny as a breath and realizing that it is the essence of life? Your breath is effortless – it is something that, until now, you simply took for granted. Now is the chance to be grateful. Now take a step. Did you think about the 5,900 steps you will take in a day? You probably didn’t think much about walking at all. You took it for granted. Having taken a single step, be grateful to the progress you have made.
  3. Affirm. Affirmations can help you to positively define the moment. As human beings, we find energy in words. Words can hurt us or help us. Imagine taking a moment to say, “I radiate beauty, charm and grace.” Can you help but to believe it – and do it? Affirmations help you to determine what matters most to you.
  4. Float. Sensory deprivation is a means of losing yourself in the moment. By releasing – literally and figuratively – the weight off your shoulders, you are given the opportunity to minimize distractions and fully immerse yourself in – well, yourself. In the float tank, you can observe, breathe, and affirm. Like meditation, it may may take some time – some practice – to be fully present in the moment, but it will come.

Back to relationships… or have we never left the subject? Learning to be the spectator, to be grateful for every moment, to take nothing for granted, and to affirm the positive are lessons that make you better and your relationships healthier. At Metta Rest Spa in Vancouver, we can help you to develop your own practice – one that enables you to connect with yourself and with others. Experience the moment with Metta. Enter Into Rest and a spirit of mindfulness by calling (604) 235-2529 or booking an online reservation.


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Mindful Communication Thu, 05 May 2016 09:32:37 +0000 When seeking therapy, couples often have a common issue: “Communication is a problem.” Elaine Fantle Shimberg even suggests that allrelationship problems...

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When seeking therapy, couples often have a common issue: “Communication is a problem.” Elaine Fantle Shimberg even suggests that allrelationship problems stem from poor communication. Communication is also one of the most typical complaints on the job. Tonya Slawinski, quoted by the National Business Research Institute, says, “Poor communication is a big problem in the workplace. Communication is an ongoing process rather than a static event.”

Since human beings have been given the rare gift of language and speech, it seems like we should be really good at communication. So why is it so difficult? The other side of humanness – in many cultures – is a conflict between wanting to express our individuality and wanting to belong. Our society often promotes individual freedom and individual choice above all, which has many benefits but can also make it more difficult to form the connections we need and desire.

Making connection an individual practice

Thankfully, developing better communication skills is possible. Being human also gives us the special ability to change the way we think and act. How do we do that? Through practice and exercise. For example, it’s very possible to transform from a sedentary lifestyle to an active and healthy one by making the choice to go to the gym, eat well and stay disciplined. Changing your mindset and behavior leads to positive outcomes and a greater sense of well-being. In the same way, you can develop good habits when it comes to communicating with your friends, colleagues and loved ones.

If you’re not familiar with the practice of mindfulness, it’s an empowering starting point for improving communication because it starts with those things that you have the power to control. The Greater Good Science Center defines mindfulness as “maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.” More simply, think of it as the discipline to pay attention and accept things for what they are. The great thing about mindfulness is it sets a baseline for communication that reduces anxiety, stress and distractions while increasing factors like compassion and empathy.

Mindfulness can be a lifelong discipline, but it is instrumental in helping you transform your thoughts and actions and make the following practical communication tips seem a more natural part of your interactions:

Listen. Many of us look like we are listening, but listening is actually very difficult. It requires total attention, from eye contact to genuine interest and commitment. Perhaps most importantly, to listen and understand requires putting aside your own thoughts, ideas and emotions for the moment. You need to process, accept and empathize with the person you are talking to, and ruminating over your own issues is a big barrier to real communication.

. We often have a tendency to speak quickly and maybe even impulsively, thinking we “have to get a word in.” Instead, take time to reflect on what the other person has said. A practical way of doing this is starting your response by repeating the main points that you heard. Not only does this practice make sure you have heard correctly, it also allows you time to comprehend and address what is most important.

Be present
. Related to the idea of giving the situation your total attention, it’s important to stay anchored and focused on the conversation or conflict. Letting your perceptions of things that happened in the past or your expectations of a potential future can get in the way of matters at hand, create misunderstanding and misinterpretation, and escalate uncomfortable situations.

Be vulnerable
. Researcher Brené Brown defines vulnerability as facing up to the uncertainty, risks, and emotional exposure that we may fear. She writes, “When we shut ourselves off from vulnerability, we distance ourselves from the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives and our work.” What experiences do most of us desire more than healthy relationships? Reduce the distance between each other by welcoming love, empathy and joy, even in instances where it seems like the only thing going might be fear, grief and disappointment.
Be careful of social media and e-mail. Face-to-face conversations are the most complete way to communicate since they allow for verbal and non-verbal (body) language to be received and understood. Social media and e-mail give us a sense of distance and safety, but also lead to impulsive statements. If you need to communicate through these methods, be sure to think before you write, follow the communication tips previously mentioned, and always imagine the other person is sitting right across from you. And it can’t hurt waiting a few minutes before you send the message to make sure that your emotions didn’t get the better of you.

Don’t solve the problem. What? Isn’t that the point? Okay, let’s put it another way… let the problem solve itself. John Gottman, speaking about couples in a state of distress, suggests, “the goal of an intimate conversation is only to understand, not to problem-solve.” How many times have you thought you were helping a situation by offering advice? Sometimes, the other person simply wants to be heard, or know that everything is okay. If you have the urge to give advice, instead try asking an open-ended question that keep them talking. It might put him or her on the empowering path to resolve their own conflict.

More ways to be mindfulness

Mindfulness can give you the strength to open new doors to communication, but it also contributes to the health and well-being you experience in many areas of your life. Practicing mindfulness is not unlike a martial art or even learning a musical instrument: as you grow your skills, not only will your technique improve, but it will blossom into something even more beautiful. Try these methods to make mindfulness and connection part of your daily living:

Meditation. There are many techniques to engage in meditative practice. Beginners often start with a sitting meditation that focuses on attention and breathing.

Yoga. Yoga is also very attentive to breathing and attention, with the discipline expanding to use the mind-body connection to overcome physical challenges.

Floating. Floating allows you to experience a rapid transition from the bustle of everyday life to a serene environment enabling mental relaxation and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Many meditative practices can be enhanced through floatation, from attention to breathing to body scan and more. Sensory deprivation can serve as a “fast lane” to a state where you can reconnect with yourself and those things most important to you.

Communication isn’t always easy, but healthy relationships are transcendent. So are float sessions at Metta Rest Spa in Vancouver. Call (604) 235-2529 or book an online reservation. We’re always available to answer any questions you have and to ensure your time with us best meets your personal wellness goals.

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Five Powerful Date Ideas for Couples Fri, 12 Feb 2016 09:30:25 +0000 Harvard University recently completed a 75-year study on what major factors makes people the healthiest, happiest, and most deeply fulfilled. Their...

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Harvard University recently completed a 75-year study on what major factors makes people the healthiest, happiest, and most deeply fulfilled.

Their single, overarching finding from 75 years of research? Ultimately, the highest leverage thing that we can do is focus on the strength of our relationships.

Whether you’re currently in an intimate relationship or soon hope to be in one, you can tuck these tips into your back pocket in order to strengthen it.

You can do the following date ideas for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or just a regular old Tuesday. Enjoy!

  1. Synchronized forehead breathing and extended eye contact

This is a two part-er… and it lays a beautiful ground work of intimacy and connection that you can either carry out as a stand alone date, or you can do it as a warm-up/precursor to any of the following four date ideas.

To begin, in any position you like, you gently bring your forehead to your partner’s, touch your ‘third eye’ points together, and start breathing in sync with each other. Do a minimum of seven synchronized breaths, and feel free to go for anywhere from 1-30 minutes.

It’s often best to do this exercise seated across from each other with your knees touching or lying down on a bed together. You can stand if you need to, but it’s best to have your body in a more relaxed position (sitting, lying down, kneeling, etc.).

You’ll notice a deep sense of calm wash over you the longer that you and your partner sync up your breathing.

After you’ve done the forehead breathing portion of the exercise, physically disconnect and sit comfortably, facing each other. Your knees can be touching or disconnected, whichever feels more comfortable.

Now, with soft, loving eyes, you will begin making extended eye contact for a period of 5-6 minutes. Yes, you can blink. No, you can’t talk. Yes, you can use a digital timer to keep track of the minutes for you if you wish.

For people who have never done extended eye contact (sometimes referred to as soul gazing) it can bring up a feeling of discomfort or social tension the first time that you do it. This is totally normal. But your mind and body can only stay in an anxious state for so long. I promise you that if you stick with it through the first two minutes, it will start to feel deeply relaxing by the end of the exercise.

Do these two exercises, one after the other, and your mind, body, and heart will drop into a parasympathetic (calm/healing state) faster than you ever thought possible. Plus, you will feel that much more connected to your partner.

Benefits: calm, connection

  1. Pottery class

This next date idea might bring out your inner child, since it combines creativity with messiness (reminiscent of your childhood finger painting days).

Sign you and your partner up for a local pottery class and have fun digging into the clay muck.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up with your new favourite fruit bowl and appetizer serving plate (that you can then brag to your friends that you made them).

Benefits: creativity, a feeling of newness

  1. Take a massage class together

World renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins once stated that we are the most deeply fulfilled when we are either giving or growing. This date idea gives you the best of both worlds!

Pick up a brand new skill while learning how to become more adept at pleasing your partner by signing up for a massage class together.

Whether you take an introductory class in Thai massage, deep tissue massage, or just a general relaxation massage style is entirely up to you.

After the class is finished, you can even put a weekly reminder in your calendar to take turns practicing your newfound abilities on each other at time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Benefits: calm, connection, growth

  1. Yoga class

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s so easy to forget that we are not human doings, but human beings.

One of the most effective ways to slow down and reconnect to yourself and your body is to make a date with your partner to take a yoga class together.

Some of the best yoga styles for slowness and relaxation are yin yoga and restorative yoga.

And if you’ve never done yoga before, never fear! These two yoga styles are less workout and more slow, structured naps where you change positions a handful of times throughout the hour.

Benefits: self-reflection, inner peace

  1. Floating together

Whereas the previous four dates each have a few major benefits to them, this one encapsulates all of these benefits and then some.

Extensive research has gone into the health benefits of float tanks, and the benefits are all things that also improve intimate relationships.

Achieve a deep inner sense of calm, lower anxiety, self-reflect, boost your creativity, and heal your mind and body on a deep subconscious level by stepping into a float tank.

That argument that you had with your partner a few days ago about something that seemed oh so important at the time? You’ll realize just how unnecessary the fight was in your float session.

Has there been something at work that has been making you feel stressed and distracted? The answer will come to you during your float and you’ll immediately feel the stress melt away from your body.

Have you been feeling disconnected from your body and it’s been impacting your sex life as of late? Just the act of stepping into the water to begin your float will remind you that you are not a brain… or a head walking through life and reducing results and striving and achieving, but a full, luxurious being that is a mind, body, heart, and so much more.

Have a float, drink some tea, and embrace your significant other afterwards to share of all of the amazing insights that you had during your session. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know about all of the high level epiphanies that you had while floating. Witness the deep sense of calm and stillness in their eyes.

Yes, float tank sessions really are one of the highest leverage date ideas that you can engage in… to reconnect with yourself and with your partner.

Benefits: calm, connection, decreased anxiety, self-reflection, creativity, deep rest, subconscious level healing

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If you live in the Vancouver area and you would like to try out a float session with your significant other, you can come check us out at Metta Rest Spa. We’re even doing a 2-for-1 promotion for Valentine’s Day.

Offer only available over the phone, so call us today @ 604-235-2529

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Top 7 Reasons Couples Should Float Together Fri, 05 Feb 2016 09:29:13 +0000 Your significant other is your safe haven. They’re who you go to when you need to talk out a challenging decision…...

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Your significant other is your safe haven. They’re who you go to when you need to talk out a challenging decision… or just de-stress about your day.

And yet, for how important of a role they play in your life, it’s so easy to have your relationship become de-prioritized.

Life gets in the way. Bills stack up. The to-do list gets longer. After a certain amount of lifestyle stress gets piled on top of you, it’s understandable that your relationship upkeep turns into a perfunctory kiss on the lips before you doze off to sleep.

But just because it often is this way for many couples, doesn’t mean that it should be this way for you.

Hands down, one of the absolute best ways for couples to de-stress, slow down, and reconnect with themselves and their partners is to regularly do float tank sessions together.

You know what they say… the couple that floats together has hope together. Or was it… the couple that floats together elopes together? I can’t remember. Bottom line… floating is good for your personal health and the health of your intimate relationship.

Not yet convinced? Here are seven major ways that float tank sessions are good for your relationship’s health.

1. Floating increases creativity and problem solving abilities

Arguments are a healthy and inevitable part of any intimate relationship. But sometimes we dig in our heels around things that really aren’t worth our time.

Float tanks help you to increase your creativity and help you with problem solving abilities. And what better way to get a new perspective on a fight that you and your significant other had than to take an hour in the water and realize that you were too attached to your ego during your last argument.

Creativity helps us to see situations from new perspectives. And ultimately, nearly all fights come down to a breakdown in communication and/or a misunderstanding.

So hop in the tank, realize what was actually being said during your last fight, and reap the benefits of a harmonious relationship once again.

2. Floating encourages self-reflection 

We are all the happiest and most deeply fulfilled when we are living in integrity with our personal values. Simply put, when we listen to our heart and we honour it, it feels grateful and relaxed.

Floating gives us much-needed time to slow down and reflect on our lives (thoughts, feeling, actions, etc.).

While floating in the tank you might ask yourself just the right question that opens up a whole new way of seeing your life.

Questions such as…

– In what ways have I not been living in accordance with my highest self lately?

– What message does my higher self need to deliver to me?

– What have I been resisting in my life?

– What do I need to let go of?

Self-reflection is sexy, and living in integrity with your highest and best self will undoubtedly bleed over into your relationship in a beneficial way.

3. Floating gives you the stillness and silence you crave

We live in a world of constant stimulation.

Maybe Facebook/your cell phone/your in-laws are constantly trying to get your attention. Maybe you live in a dense major city with a constant cacophony of sound right outside your door. Maybe you’ve been staring at digital screen stop much lately and your left eye is starting to twitch.

Floating gives you the stillness, the peace, and the silence that you deeply crave.

The more at peace you feel, the more mental and emotional bandwidth you will have to give to your intimate partner.

4. Floating gives you a deep-level rest that you can’t get anywhere else

Along with the silence and stillness that floating affords you, a deep sense of rest is one of the most obvious things that you get from the tank.

Sure you could spend $600 at an all day spa… or buy blackout curtains and sleep for twelve hours… or do a 10 day silent meditation retreat. But these things aren’t cheap, readily available, or convenient by any stretch of the imagination.

Float sessions give you the equivalent of 4-6 hours of deep, R.E.M. level sleep in a single hour. Plus you get the added benefits of magnesium soaking into your beautiful body (which many of us are dangerously deficient in since magnesium is difficult to absorb from diet alone).

The more rested you are and the more full your metaphorical cup is, the more grounded you will feel through your daily life. Fights won’t escalate as quickly. You’ll find it easier to be there for your partner when they need someone to talk to.

Ultimately, a well-rested partner is the greatest gift that you can give to your partner. Self-care is sexy!

5. Floating allows you to cultivate presence

Have you ever tried talking to someone who constantly seemed distracted? Maybe they kept checking their phone… or looking over your shoulder… or generally not giving you any eye contact or attention. This can be so frustrating.

The most valuable resource that we all have in our lives is our mental and emotional presence… which is something that most of us don’t even consider that we can affect for the better.

Imagine this…

If you are emotionally available to your partner 50% of the time, and they are emotionally available to you 50% of the time, then you collectively have a 25% shot at feeling connected and present with each other at any given moment. Not the most inspiring odds, are they?

By giving yourself much needed rest and recharging your batteries at a deep level, floating helps you raise your individual well of presence to pull from. And if you and your partner are consciously cultivating your presence by floating regularly, then you are bound to feel that much more connected to each other on a daily basis.

6. Floating helps you remember what actually matters

By taking a vacation from the constant stimulation of daily life, it’s easier to be reminded of what actually matters in your life.

Maybe your next float will remind you to thank someone who did something kind for you recently. Or you might think of an amazing gift for your parent’s upcoming birthday. Or you might find forgiveness in your heart for someone who you’ve been telling yourself wronged you years ago.

When you immerse yourself in the simplicity of a float tank, you reconnect with yourself, your core, and what really matters to you.

7. As the water laps at your edges, you reawaken your relationship to your body

Strangely enough, by becoming weightless and temporarily body-less in a float tank, you actually more deeply reconnect with your body.

It’s so common for people in modern society to feel like a walking head with hands. You wake up, you check your phone, you spend your day typing away on digital screens, and then you go to sleep. Because of this lifestyle, we feel so disconnected from our bodies.

While floating, you become aware of any aches and pains in your body that you’ve been ignoring (which, by the way, floating helps you heal). As you feel the water infrequently lapping against your bare skin, you are reminded that you are not just a mind… but a whole person. With a body, and thoughts, and feelings. Even though floating has often been called sensory deprivation, it almost couldn’t be more of a misnomer. Floating reconnects you to your self, your body, and your senses better than anything else we know of.

A re-awakened relationship with your body decreases stress, improves overall health, and helps you to be more comfortable in your sex life.

All this from floating in salt water for sixty minutes? You better believe it!

But don’t take our word for it. Come try it out for yourself.

If you live in the Vancouver area and you would like to try out a float session with your significant other, you can come check us out at Metta Rest Spa. We’re even doing a 2-for-1 promotion for Valentine’s Day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Enhance Your Life Mon, 07 Dec 2015 09:18:04 +0000 Enhance Your Life Through Flotation REST Enhance your life with REST: Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique. Basically, REST is a state of...

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Enhance Your Life Through Flotation REST
Enhance your life with REST: Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique. Basically, REST is a state of sensory isolation that helps you renew your sense of self and well-being. The design of the float pod and the science behind the floating experience minimizes external stimuli in your environment, providing you with an unparalleled state of self-awareness, focus and relaxation.

Who is floating for? Floating provides rest and relief for just about everyone.

  • Athletes. After a day with the weights, the feeling of weightlessness you get with floating can help you reduce pain, improve performance and reduce recovery time.
  • Students. Take the time to relax after a big test or give yourself alone time to enhance your memory, creativity and problem solving.
  • Civil Servants. Decompress after a day on the front lines, reinvigorate yourself, and cultivate that positive spirit that called you into a career of service.
  • Couples. Connect with each other with a couples float or take some time to reconnect with yourself. The date night or downtime can be a healthy addition to your relationship.
  • Families.  Whether recovering from gymnastics or giving mom the opportunity to take a break, floating can help refresh and reconnect a family.  It is especially helpful for expecting/ new mothers!

Are you ready to float? Book your experience with Metta³ Rest Spa today.

The Science Behind the Floating Experience

Research has demonstrated that there are many benefits that REST and floating provide:

Relaxation Response

Have you ever wished to escape the hustle and bustle of modern living, just for a moment? Floating provides that opportunity to decompress, providing a calm and safe setting to get away from it all. Because the float pod eliminates disturbance from the external environment, it gives you time alone and encourages a strong relaxation response. You will find yourself resting comfortably with a feeling of weightlessness and being more attentive to your own breathing. You might even start using visualization techniques or mantras. Many people become so relaxed that they fall into a deep and refreshing sleep.

The relaxation response also has another helpful effect. It decreases harmful stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline as it increases beneficial chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. Your muscles and nervous system relax, and blood pressure decreases. The weariness of stress transforms into increased levels of performance, memory, intelligence, and well-being.

Healing and Recovery

Reducing stress isn’t just reinvigorating, it’s good for your physical health. The reduction of stress hormones and increase in dopamine and endorphins can help to reduce pain levels. The floating process also provides an anti-gravity effect that provides a feeling of weightlessness, helps circulation, and relieves pressure on muscles and joints as you are suspended in water enriched by hundreds of pounds of Epsom salts. REST has helped individuals with occupational health issues like fatigue, burnout and gastric issues, as well as chronic conditions like headaches, rheumatic pain, premenstrual pain, fibromyalgia and whiplash. Athletes can use floating as a recovery practice after training and competitive activity to reduce lactic acid, stimulate muscle growth and minimize pain.


If there is an express lane to zen, floating is it. The experience of sensory isolation in a float pod has been shown to promote altered states of consciousness. For example, while floating, people may process visual imagery, hear music or sounds, or enhance their ability to realize creative ideas and innovations. The reason for this is a shift in brainwave activity from beta brainwave that process the sensory environment to a theta state that arises when busy thoughts begin to dissipate. What results is greater clarity and insight as you contemplate pressing problems.


In REST, the central focus is the inner you. There’s no light, no sound, no physical feelings. You enter a state of mind that welcomes – even facilitates – meditation practice. By rapidly giving you the ability to be more present and mindful, you are able to gain increased awareness and control over your mind and body. Some people have achieved transpersonal experiences, where they feel a stronger relationship and positive connection between their own self and the world.

That’s a lot of science, spirituality and personal improvement that can be attained in an hour of floating. But studies show that its advantages don’t end when you step out of the pod. The effects of float therapy can be felt weeks and months afterward. Regular sessions can further enhance your quality of life and the positive changes that REST provides. Regardless of your age, your health, or your hobbies, REST provides an occasional escape – with lasting benefits.

With this post, we’re just skimming the surface when it comes to the many ways that REST can enhance your life and integrate with your lifestyle. Watch this space for more valuable information about how flotation therapy works and what it can do to improve your health and well-being. Do you have questions or comments? Send us an email or float with us on Facebook. But the best way to experience the gift of REST is to jump right in, so call us at 604-235-2529 or book online today!

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