Join Project Gratitude

With world events as they are, it is easy to get mired in negativity. Whether you spend your time watching T.V., on Social Media, reading articles online or just talking to people you know; the topics of the day are laced with fear, anger, sadness and uncertainty.

In the midst of this, we believe gratitude is our saving grace, but it is not always easy to practice.
Metta exists to support all forms of wellness, and for the next several weeks, we’re dedicating ourselves to gratitude.

That means we want to go the distance to support your reflection, contemplation, and meditation – all to help you embrace the practice of gratitude. We want you to come visit us and consider a few things:

  1. What three people are you grateful for?
  2. What three things are you grateful? Consider one small thing, one big and something immaterial.
  3. What three experiences that you’ve had or opportunities in front of you are grateful for?

We’re encouraging you to contemplate these questions during your float session.  Afterwards please help us decorate our entire library with notes of gratitude.  We’d like everyone to “post it” up on our wall and then take a photo and “post it” again onto your Facebook wall.

And to show our support, we’re offering a discounted rate of $59 to float.

Please call us today to book your discounted float and join Project Gratitude!  604.235.2529