Your significant other is your safe haven. They’re who you go to when you need to talk out a challenging decision… or just de-stress about your day.

And yet, for how important of a role they play in your life, it’s so easy to have your relationship become de-prioritized.

Life gets in the way. Bills stack up. The to-do list gets longer. After a certain amount of lifestyle stress gets piled on top of you, it’s understandable that your relationship upkeep turns into a perfunctory kiss on the lips before you doze off to sleep.

But just because it often is this way for many couples, doesn’t mean that it should be this way for you.

Hands down, one of the absolute best ways for couples to de-stress, slow down, and reconnect with themselves and their partners is to regularly do float tank sessions together.

You know what they say… the couple that floats together has hope together. Or was it… the couple that floats together elopes together? I can’t remember. Bottom line… floating is good for your personal health and the health of your intimate relationship.

Not yet convinced? Here are seven major ways that float tank sessions are good for your relationship’s health.

1. Floating increases creativity and problem solving abilities

Arguments are a healthy and inevitable part of any intimate relationship. But sometimes we dig in our heels around things that really aren’t worth our time.

Float tanks help you to increase your creativity and help you with problem solving abilities. And what better way to get a new perspective on a fight that you and your significant other had than to take an hour in the water and realize that you were too attached to your ego during your last argument.

Creativity helps us to see situations from new perspectives. And ultimately, nearly all fights come down to a breakdown in communication and/or a misunderstanding.

So hop in the tank, realize what was actually being said during your last fight, and reap the benefits of a harmonious relationship once again.

2. Floating encourages self-reflection 

We are all the happiest and most deeply fulfilled when we are living in integrity with our personal values. Simply put, when we listen to our heart and we honour it, it feels grateful and relaxed.

Floating gives us much-needed time to slow down and reflect on our lives (thoughts, feeling, actions, etc.).

While floating in the tank you might ask yourself just the right question that opens up a whole new way of seeing your life.

Questions such as…

– In what ways have I not been living in accordance with my highest self lately?

– What message does my higher self need to deliver to me?

– What have I been resisting in my life?

– What do I need to let go of?

Self-reflection is sexy, and living in integrity with your highest and best self will undoubtedly bleed over into your relationship in a beneficial way.

3. Floating gives you the stillness and silence you crave

We live in a world of constant stimulation.

Maybe Facebook/your cell phone/your in-laws are constantly trying to get your attention. Maybe you live in a dense major city with a constant cacophony of sound right outside your door. Maybe you’ve been staring at digital screen stop much lately and your left eye is starting to twitch.

Floating gives you the stillness, the peace, and the silence that you deeply crave.

The more at peace you feel, the more mental and emotional bandwidth you will have to give to your intimate partner.

4. Floating gives you a deep-level rest that you can’t get anywhere else

Along with the silence and stillness that floating affords you, a deep sense of rest is one of the most obvious things that you get from the tank.

Sure you could spend $600 at an all day spa… or buy blackout curtains and sleep for twelve hours… or do a 10 day silent meditation retreat. But these things aren’t cheap, readily available, or convenient by any stretch of the imagination.

Float sessions give you the equivalent of 4-6 hours of deep, R.E.M. level sleep in a single hour. Plus you get the added benefits of magnesium soaking into your beautiful body (which many of us are dangerously deficient in since magnesium is difficult to absorb from diet alone).

The more rested you are and the more full your metaphorical cup is, the more grounded you will feel through your daily life. Fights won’t escalate as quickly. You’ll find it easier to be there for your partner when they need someone to talk to.

Ultimately, a well-rested partner is the greatest gift that you can give to your partner. Self-care is sexy!

5. Floating allows you to cultivate presence

Have you ever tried talking to someone who constantly seemed distracted? Maybe they kept checking their phone… or looking over your shoulder… or generally not giving you any eye contact or attention. This can be so frustrating.

The most valuable resource that we all have in our lives is our mental and emotional presence… which is something that most of us don’t even consider that we can affect for the better.

Imagine this…

If you are emotionally available to your partner 50% of the time, and they are emotionally available to you 50% of the time, then you collectively have a 25% shot at feeling connected and present with each other at any given moment. Not the most inspiring odds, are they?

By giving yourself much needed rest and recharging your batteries at a deep level, floating helps you raise your individual well of presence to pull from. And if you and your partner are consciously cultivating your presence by floating regularly, then you are bound to feel that much more connected to each other on a daily basis.

6. Floating helps you remember what actually matters

By taking a vacation from the constant stimulation of daily life, it’s easier to be reminded of what actually matters in your life.

Maybe your next float will remind you to thank someone who did something kind for you recently. Or you might think of an amazing gift for your parent’s upcoming birthday. Or you might find forgiveness in your heart for someone who you’ve been telling yourself wronged you years ago.

When you immerse yourself in the simplicity of a float tank, you reconnect with yourself, your core, and what really matters to you.

7. As the water laps at your edges, you reawaken your relationship to your body

Strangely enough, by becoming weightless and temporarily body-less in a float tank, you actually more deeply reconnect with your body.

It’s so common for people in modern society to feel like a walking head with hands. You wake up, you check your phone, you spend your day typing away on digital screens, and then you go to sleep. Because of this lifestyle, we feel so disconnected from our bodies.

While floating, you become aware of any aches and pains in your body that you’ve been ignoring (which, by the way, floating helps you heal). As you feel the water infrequently lapping against your bare skin, you are reminded that you are not just a mind… but a whole person. With a body, and thoughts, and feelings. Even though floating has often been called sensory deprivation, it almost couldn’t be more of a misnomer. Floating reconnects you to your self, your body, and your senses better than anything else we know of.

A re-awakened relationship with your body decreases stress, improves overall health, and helps you to be more comfortable in your sex life.

All this from floating in salt water for sixty minutes? You better believe it!

But don’t take our word for it. Come try it out for yourself.

If you live in the Vancouver area and you would like to try out a float session with your significant other, you can come check us out at Metta Rest Spa. We’re even doing a 2-for-1 promotion for Valentine’s Day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!